Monday, May 16, 2016

BPI Card Replacement ~ Forgot ATM PIN

Just few weeks ago, I was trying to withdraw some money from my ATM. I saw that there was long queue in my bank's ATM machine and I was in a hurry so I went to the other bank's ATM machine, and just my luck, it says that I entered the wrong PIN. I am aware that I only have three (3) tries to enter my PIN, and I failed to enter the correct PIN in three tries, I can no longer withdraw my funds. After the first attempt, I decided to go back to my bank's ATM machine and just fall in line... and when it was my turn, I entered my PIN and still says the same. I am very certain that I entered the correct PIN, so I tried again and it still says that I entered the wrong PIN. You guess it right, my card is no longer useful after that. I went home defeated.

At first, I had no idea what to do. A week passed and I just let it be, but at the back of my mind I'm already worried. I don't have so much money in my account, it was just enough for a week's budget and I worked hard for that money and I can't just let it vanish like that.

After a week, I called BPI's hotline (89-100) to report about what happened. I'm glad the agent I talked to was soft-spoken and nice enough to guide me of what to do. First, she verified my identity before we proceed to block the current ATM card that I have.

She then told me that it would take a week before I can get a new card. I have two options; I can go to any BPI branch, ask for a card replacement and I have to pay one hundred pesos (P100) or we can do it through the phone and after five days, I can go to the branch of my choice and pick-up the new card, pay the card replacement fee and it's done. So right there and then, I decided that we do it through the phone. She asked me a couple of questions and after that she said that I can go pick-up my new card on Friday (May 13, 2016).

On May 13, I went straight to the branch of my choice, waited for more than one hour for my turn and when it was my turn, I just told the teller that I already called the hotline for a card replacement and then she turned her back and went to get my new card. When she's back, she just asked me for the one hundred pesos and to sign a few papers.

After signing all the necessary papers, the teller told me to change the temporary PIN to the PIN of my choice. So, off I went to the ATM machine inside the bank and change the PIN.

The only complain I have for the entire process is the waiting time for my turn. I went to the bank around 10:00 AM but I got out by 12:00 noon. Good thing I don't have any scheduled appointment on that day. But all in all, I was very impressed by BPI's customer service.

Before I called the hotline, I was considering of applying for a new account in a different bank but after this, I decided to stay with BPI.

I am in no way paid or compensated by BPI for this post. This is my own personal experience! :)

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Yhllie said...

Awww. Good thing you got your new card. :)

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