Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A New Trend of Prom Dresses

I think I have mentioned in my previous blogs that I was not lucky enough to attend prom during my high school years because of some personal reasons. I was heartbroken, because prom is probably one of the most memorable events in one’s life. But, I have to move on. You know what I did? I just help my friends chose the perfect prom dress for them. I'm quite good at that, I guess.

I’m almost 23 years old, a working young adult, but still browse for prom dresses. I don’t know why I do that. Today’s trends just amaze me. So many beautiful dresses to choose from!

After my working hours, I usually spend my time writing, watching dramas, and also browsing online. I happened to stumble upon WinnieDress. According to the website, they are a company that focuses on customizing wedding and special occasion dresses and they are based in China.

I find these two piece prom dresses interesting. We never had this back in the day. We usually get those whole dresses (or whatever is the term for that) before. Girls of today are lucky to have different varieties to choose from.

I like this Navy Blue V-Neck A-Line Chiffon Long Cutout Two Piece Prom Dress WNPD0346. It's a perfect combination of sexy and elegance. I think this is perfect for the tall girls. One will surely feel like a queen wearing this!

This Red Off the Shoulder Keyhole Back Satin Beaded Two Piece Prom Dress with Pocket WNPD0310 is my second favorite in the list. I instantly fell in love with this dress. It looks very stylish and I'm sure this can be wore for many events, not just prom. You'll definitely get the attention you want with this gorgeous and sparkly dress!

If you are on a tight budget (don't worry, most of us are on a tight budget and there's nothing to be embarrass about), they have prom dresses under $200. Isn't that great? Their dresses are the bomb and on top of that, they have reasonable prices too.

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