Monday, September 19, 2016

Do I Have The Right to Sleep?

It's 3:18 AM and I can't sleep, even though I want to. I'm working on some projects to improve some websites that I have, for them to generate a little more moolah for me. Before you raise your brows because of the title of this post, please hear me out.

If you have read my previous post, you would understand why I am very eager to earn more money. But other than that, there are many more reasons why.

I love sleep. Who doesn't love sleep? I miss sleeping six to eight hours a day. I'm lucky if I get to sleep two to three hours a day. It's actually my rest day today (I mean yesterday, Sunday) and I was looking forward to it. I was like "Yay! Finally, I can catch up and get my well-deserved sleep!" but that didn't happened.

I think my body is super used to my daily routine that it doesn't know how to rest anymore. So yes, I spent my rest day working. But on the other hand, I feel like I don't have the right to sleep nowadays.

Maybe it's because I think there shouldn't be a minute wasted doing nothing. I should be doing something, anything to make money, not only to support my family, but also to pay the debts I have made to be able to get them and for other emergency reasons. 

That's why I am doing every possible way to make money (the right way). I do multiple projects at a time, while doing my blogs and other sideline jobs. I feel like it's not enough. I am still looking for other part time jobs, offline. 

If I do get a part time job, I think I can still manage it. I may have to reduce the workload that I get online to be able to attend to my part time job (if I found one and get hired). 

To be honest with you all, I am worried also. I am worried for my health. No matter what I do, or no matter how much I think I can possibly do multiple things in a day, I know my body has it's own limit. I want to stay healthy to be able to provide for my family, but it's too hard. I can't waste time. I feel like 24 hours is not enough for a day. There's always so much to do. 

I am working on improving my daily routine  so I can spend more time with my siblings and do something healthy as well. I want to laugh more, sleep more... probably not now, but very soon, I hope.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

I usually just get 4 hours of sleep. I am lucky if I get 5 hours ina day but I understand how you can't given the situation.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Lack of sleeping is not good for your health. You need to get at least 7 hours of sleep or else you get so stress out.

Allena said...

We have to do what we had to do to make ends meet. I'm a hard worker like you are so I understand. Let's just make sure we don't jeopardize our health, yah? :) Good luck on your projects!

Ria C said...

Bunso, much as we all need to earn moolah for many personal reasons (and they are all valid reasons too), we also have to take care of ourselves. Health is wealth and if you're not healthy, you'll be spending those much-earned money for your health, which will defeat the purpose of your sacrifices right now. I think, just learn to choose your priorities iha. Be good to yourself too and take a decent, quality sleep for once. :)

Elizabeth O. said...

No matter what others say, sleep will always be important. It will allow you to be more productive during the day. Making money is great but once it starts affecting your health, you might deal with a lot more than just losing money.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

I do hope your wish to get a part-time job will be granted, but do take care of your health, too, okay?

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