Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Love for Siomai

I have never tried eating siomai before and I didn't had plans to try it, I don't know why was that the case. But recently, around May this year... I finally gave in.

I was about to pick-up someone at the seaport, and as usual the arrival of the ship was delayed. While waiting for the ship to arrive, I got hungry. Then I smelled siomai. I really told myself I wouldn't try it, but I gave in anyway. I have this idea in my head of how it would taste like -- awful. But lo and behold, pork siomai tasted so heavenly inside my mouth! nom nom nom. I was really surprised how good it tasted! I was smiling from inside while I was eating it.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

My Sister's First Holy Communion

My youngest sister is in the fourth grade already. Time flies so fast! Just recently, her teacher gave us a notice about their upcoming communion. You see, we were raised by Catholic parents and our grandparents always tell us to be involved in our church's activities. Obviously, everyone is so excited for my sister's first holy communion (way too excited!).

My mom asked me to look up online for first communion dresses for my sister, since I am also very excited for this moment of my sister's life — I am more than willing to help look for the perfect dress for her.

Sleeveless Ball Gown Organza Tea Length First Communion Dress with Bow

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Perfect Gift for Him

Ernie is a nice man. We've been friends for years now. I first knew him back in high school. He's quite the popular kid in school because he's good looking and plays the guitar well. He didn't noticed me at first because I was just an ordinary girl. I forgot what actually happened, but we became very close and that's when our friendship started.

So, as an honor for this great guy... I was thinking of getting him something. We can call it a token for our friendship. As I was browsing online for a gift that will match his personality, I found this double neck guitar bass. The first moment I saw it, I know right then and there that it's perfect for him. It suits his looks and his personality very well... and to think it's a limited edition one, I know he will love it.
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