Sunday, December 4, 2016

I Will Try Them All

I've been really struggling to lose weight just recently. I feel so frustrated that I no longer fit in my old clothes. I started to change my diet and started to move around (I used to live a sedentary lifestyle). I feel very happy to see some positive results, but still not good enough.

I found out another good trick to make me lose my excess fats. It's been effective so far. It motivates me more to eat clean and move more! Wanna know what it is? Buying clothes in your target size!

I really like this Off Shoulder Loose Fitting Printed Blouse. It's one of those trendy tops that shows enough skin which makes a woman feel sexy and sophisticated. This top is also perfect for ladies who lives in a tropical country like mine -- it always feels like summer all year round, but of course, anyone in the world can wear it whenever they like.

The month of December is a little cold in my country. A little cold because it's not snowing, just chilly winds sometimes. It's not always cold in this part of the world, this time of the year. But having a jacket with you would be useful.

This Band Collar Hollow Out Lace Patchwork Plain Jacket is perfect! You can wear it when it's cold out there, and you can also wear it when it's not. I think fashionable and sexy jackets for women like that one is very useful. It makes a woman always ready for the cold but also fashionable!

This trick may work for me, but may not work for anyone else. It's like a gamble! You spend money to get these clothes, but you also gotta do the best that you can to lose the excess weight and make these clothes fits you. If you think you are not ready for that, then don't! No one's pressuring you, my dear.

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