Friday, December 22, 2017

Health is Wealth

2017 has been a great year for me, greater than I’ve expected. But I am so excited for the upcoming year; so excited for what 2018 has in store for me. One thing’s for sure though, in 2018, I will be taking extra care for myself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

For the last couple of years (this year included), I’ve been taken myself for granted. I always place myself last in every list I make. It sucks! This year made me realized so many wrong things that I’ve been doing in my life which affected my emotional, mental, and physical health. I made a few changes this year, but I feel like they are still not enough.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wounds Are Slowly Healing

Now that it’s already December, last month of the year; I can’t help but reflect how different this year has been for me than the previous year. I am definitely less stressed this year, but the stress and anxiety is still there (I doubt that will ever go away). But life is so much better now, that’s for sure. Thank You, God!

Last year, I can’t even sleep properly. I had so much stuff to think about, mostly problems. I was even suicidal. I am just so grateful that this year has been better; emotionally, financially (a little), and mentally.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Another dull day today. Wasn't able to go out because it was raining, again. On the other hand, I think it was okay too since I was also expecting a delivery today and I really wanted to be the one to receive it.

It's a package from Malaysia. So thankful for my generous angel investor for the new laptop. It will definitely make my job easier. I am also thankful for DHL for their prompt replies to my e-mails, especially to Jaya Nirmal of DHL Malaysia. He went above and beyond to asisst me and the shipper with our concerns. The item arrived safely.

Monday, November 27, 2017

PHOTOS OF THE DAY 1 - Report Card

I decided to start this new gimmick in my blog - photos of the day. Showing you a glimpse of my day through pictures. I decided to start this so that I can be active in my blog and also practice my photography (ehem!). So, today is the start of (hopefully) something amazing.

It's been raining here for days, and today is no exception. It was a bummer because I was planning to go out and do some errands but my sister took my umbrella to school, so I have no choice but to postpone my errands.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup

Few days ago, I was feeling down, upset, and frustrated about my life. I just feel like I’m not going anywhere in my life while most of the people I know are already “someone” in life. An engineer, a nurse, a teacher, a soon-to-be doctor, and a lot more. I, on the other hand, is still a nobody.

I am in my usual home clothes everyday (not that I am complaining about that), but staying at home all the time has burned me out already. I need something that I can interact with people, make friends, learn something, just anything.

I was telling my boyfriend about it and like usual, being the best boyfriend that he is, he talked me out of the depression bubble. Everyone has a destination of their own, and they will get there at their own pace.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Requirements for Opening a Basic ATM Savings Account in EastWest Bank

I’ve been planning to open a new savings account, last month. But I got so busy and totally forgot about it. Luckily, I got a little extra time today to go out and decided to inquire at EastWest Bank for the requirements. I intended to open a basic ATM savings account only since I already have a passbook savings account from another bank, which I am very happy with.

Why EastWest and not open the same savings account with ATM in One Network Bank, you ask? Well, EastWest has an online banking facility where I can track my finances while ONB don’t. I guess you get my point.

When I got in EastWest Bank branch near me, I liked that they are not crowded. After asking the requirements, I applied right there and then. The application was fast, the whole process was done in thirty minutes or less, depending on how fast you can fill up the form.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fight Like a Girl

I’ve been struggling to lose weight because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I had no idea why I gained weight rapidly, but I didn’t get checked. But earlier this year, I decided to finally go see a doctor about it and that’s when I found out about PCOS. The gynaecologist said it will be hard to lose weight, but I have to try harder.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Miss You

I know I’ve been idle in my blogs for a while now. Been posting one or two entries per month, and that sucks because I used to be very active in my blogs before. Imagine, I can post twice or thrice a day before. I can talk about anything under the sun. And now, once or twice a month only. Sometimes nothing at all.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Opening a Passbook Savings Account in One Network Bank

Last August 16, I decided to open a savings account in One Network Bank. One Network Bank is a rural bank of BDO. Even though I have an existing ATM savings account in another bank, I pushed myself to open a new savings account with passbook in another bank.

I really wanted to be financially stable. To achieve that, the first thing I learned is to list down all my expenses so I can identify later on which of my expenses is not necessary. After doing that for a couple of months, I figured out that I've been spending money on useless things. Later on, I learned to save money.

Monday, August 7, 2017

I did it!

I've been contemplating about cutting my hair for a very long time now. You see, I have a natural curly hair and I've never liked it. You know why, if you have curly hair. Sometimes, I love my curls, but most of the time I hated it because it's like it has a life of its own plus the time it requires to comb it. It will surely test your patience.

Yours truly!
Yep, that's me! :) If you've known me for a long time, I've always had my hair straightened, because straight hair is easier to maintain. But last year, I decided to just let my hair be. I'm just tired of all the chemicals they put into my hair, which causes more damage to it. So, when I just let my hair be curly, that's when I realized how hard it is to have them. I always dread combing my hair every morning.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You Can't Quit Now

Dear Self,

I know the past couple of months has been rough. I know you're tired. I know you feel like you carry the world on your shoulders. I know you want to cry. But I want to tell you something... you can't quit now!

You are an amazing woman. You've been through hell and back, and look at you now? Stronger than ever! You see, you are so much better now than the girl you are last year. Stronger, braver, smarter.

I know these words are not enough to heal the pain you are feeling now, but please know, someone out there cares for you. Something better is in store for you. Just keep on going and you'll see brighter days.

For now, hold tight and just enjoy the journey.

You may not see it, but every day you are getting better at understanding yourself. You are getting better at loving yourself and your body. That means so much! You are growing, my dear.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Looking for a nice and affordable dress with great quality for an occasion is such a tough task to do. I’m actually preparing for a ball at my boyfriend’s school and I’m his date, obviously. Man, he looks dashing with his suit and I just want to match his looks. Of course, I want to look my best for myself and for my boyfriend as well.

I’ve looked everywhere around here but I just couldn’t find the perfect dress for the occasion that would suit my partner’s attire. My last resort is to look online, because I still have a month to prepare for it and I thought that’s more than enough time.

Thank goodness I found Pickedlooks! Their dresses are just amazing, I swear!

I love their ball dresses. Everything is just so nice and elegant, and they just have the right price. Can’t find those prices around here! Isn’t that amazing?!

I found the top two dresses that I really like the most. Please help me decide which one is the best.

Fashionable A-line V-neck Tulle Floor-length with Appliques Lace Ball Dress

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I never thought I needed closure to a place that gave me (and my entire family) a lot of fears and doubts in life. I didn’t realize that until I was in that very same place, eleven years later. Prior to going there, I was already feeling a lot of things altogether. I was so close to cancelling the trip at the last minute but later on I realized that I have to do it, once and for all.

It was a business trip, but after all the affairs I needed to attend to, I went to see a friend that I haven’t seen for the last eleven years. We were still young girls when we last saw each other and now, she has a family of her own already. Before meeting her, I went to visit Nuestra SeƱora Virgen de Regla Parish Church. This church has played a big role for my family when we were still living in Lapu-Lapu City. My parents used to be street vendors, just right next to the church and I used to help them there after school, every day.

For a year and couple of months of living in that city, I saw how my parents struggled. It was tough. I can’t believe we survived that time of our lives.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Have you realized how lucky you are lately? I don't only mean financially, but yes, that too. What I mean is, have you realized that you are lucky because you are healthy, you have friends that truly loves you, you have a family, you have food, you have education, and a lot of other things that other people don't have the luxury of anything? Because if not, then you are wrong. We are all lucky.

Photo grabbed from Pinterest

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Women loves to dress up in every special occasion and I think every woman deserves a beautiful dress. May it be for a prom, a dinner gala, or a wedding.

I can't believe how fast time flies. My younger sister will be attending prom for the very first time next year, and as early as now, I am already browsing around for the perfect prom dress for her. She's throwing some ideas of what she likes with the combination of what I think suits her.

Good thing I found Millybridal UK. They have dresses for the bride and her bridesmaids, casual dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, and of course, little black dresses.

While browsing their website with my sister, we found their Sweetheart Prom Dresses collection and my dearest sister liked them all but we only need one, for now. We nominated three beautiful dresses and I would like to ask you all to help us choose the perfect one.

This one is my sister's top choice. I also agree that this one will look perfect on her because of her height.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I have a few friends asked me where to find nice (if not the best) musical instruments such as drums, guitars, etc.

They had this assumption that I know a lot of things because I spend most of my time online and I know a lot of people too. That’s not true., at least the part where I know a lot of people.

But luckily, I know where to find the best musical instruments online; has a wide range of instruments you can choose from.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Little Changes

It's been a month now since I started to slowly cut off drinking soft drinks (or soda) and started drinking more water. Oh how I love the changes that I noticed in my body.

Before, I can only drink a glass or two of water in one whole day and that's it, but I can drink a liter or two of soft drinks and it feels so refreshing back then.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I Am Flawed and It's Okay

I have always been an introvert. I was always the shy one in my circle of friends. I was always the one that think too much. I was always the one makes a big deal of what others think of what I look, what I do, how I sound, how I look, and etc.

Today, I am still one hell of an introvert. One of my jobs requires me to meet people from all walks of life, in short; strangers, and yet I am still not used to it even though I've been on it for three years now. I guess being an introvert doesn't change that fast. But I can proudly say I have crossed some of my inhibitions from my list and it felt so damn good. You know that feeling of achievement? Yeah, that.

I have come to terms on accepting my flaws. That I am not somebody else, but me, only me. I am not perfect, and that's perfectly fine. I will not be like her or like you no matter how I try, but I will always be me, and that's okay.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Perfect Combination

My aunt is planning to give my cousin a set of drums as gift on his birthday, and I still haven’t come up with a gift for him yet. But after searching high and low (online and offline), I found something that will be a perfect combination with the set of drums.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Looking for Business Ideas

I've been idle in the past two days. I can't find enough inspiration to do my job and everything else, honestly. While I was browsing my Facebook account yesterday, I saw a status that my boss shared in his timeline. It was a post from one of his friends and the post is about 101 signs that you are successful in your chosen career or business. At the end of the post, he said something that really inspired me.

"In order to be successful, you have to eat dirt, suffer and make a lot of sacrifices. That is if you are in for the long run, not just for a short time victory."

That statement truly inspired me... It awaken something inside me. I keep visiting his blog now so I can fish for more motivations and ideas as well.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reflections and Self Growth

We have to go through hardships before we can say that we are strong, mentally, emotionally, and physically. At a very young age, I’ve experienced hardships in life and I’ve been exposed to responsibilities that are not suitable for anyone my age. Despite all that, I’m very thankful because all those experiences and hardships honed me into the person I am today.

I remember my friend, Bradrick (or Brad as I call him), told me that I am wise beyond my years.

I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, but I agree with that. I am only in my early 20’s but I am already thinking of long term plans and goals compared to anyone my age.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Promised To Write

Ever since high school, I found refuge in writing. I write down everything; from happy moments to heartbreaking ones. Last year, I feel like something is dragging me not to write. That explains why my blogs are dead and my journal was empty all throughout the year, and that continued up to February of this year. I can say that I've improved a little this month because I've wrote a few pages in my personal journal, and it feels great!

Photo grabbed from

Sunday, March 19, 2017

To Renew or Not

I’ve been planning to renew my passport even though it will expire by December of 2018. It is not because I will be traveling for a long time, but it’s because I just want to get my hands on the new Philippine passport.

I know it’s a silly reason, but based on the pictures I saw online, the new passport looks really nice.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Future DJ in The Family

My family has suddenly become into music recently. My brother got a guitar, my sister got herself a cello, and the other one a castanet. Now, my other brother wants an all-in-one DJ system. He even negotiated, if I ever buy him a DJ system, he will get good grades and make it to the top of his class.

I was thinking, my brother is really good and he can do whatever he wants when he puts his mind to it. And I thought it wouldn’t be impossible for him to make it to the top – so I said, why not.

Good thing a friend recommended me a good place where I can find the best products. This xdj rx found at Muscian's Friend is really good!

I know for sure that my brother will be very happy about it.

Feeling Under The Weather

Ahhh! The Promdi Girl is back to the province, and we have low pressure area now. That means a lot of rains in a few days or weeks.

It's been raining cats and dogs since I got back here. And yesterday, I started sneezing... now, I am officially sick. Sneezing, runny nose, and fever. It's FUN -- not!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Something for My Sister

My younger sister is turning thirteen years old this month, so being any good big sister like I am (eheeem), I am planning to get her something that I think she's been eyeing for some time already. Her YouTube histories are full of it, I am telling you guys! I know she wanted it but she didn't asked me or our father to buy it for her, so I just didn't say anything.

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