Sunday, March 19, 2017

To Renew or Not

I’ve been planning to renew my passport even though it will expire by December of 2018. It is not because I will be traveling for a long time, but it’s because I just want to get my hands on the new Philippine passport.

I know it’s a silly reason, but based on the pictures I saw online, the new passport looks really nice.

But since I am saving up money for my personal goals, I won’t be renewing my passport until probably early next year. As a consolation to myself, I bought a new passport holder instead.
When I got my passport last 2013, I wasn’t able to get a passport holder/protector then because it wasn’t available in our area back then.

If you are a citizen of the Philippines, have you renewed your passport? Do you like it? If you are a citizen of another country, how do you like your passport?

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