Sunday, April 9, 2017

Looking for Business Ideas

I've been idle in the past two days. I can't find enough inspiration to do my job and everything else, honestly. While I was browsing my Facebook account yesterday, I saw a status that my boss shared in his timeline. It was a post from one of his friends and the post is about 101 signs that you are successful in your chosen career or business. At the end of the post, he said something that really inspired me.

"In order to be successful, you have to eat dirt, suffer and make a lot of sacrifices. That is if you are in for the long run, not just for a short time victory."

That statement truly inspired me... It awaken something inside me. I keep visiting his blog now so I can fish for more motivations and ideas as well.
So today, I evaluated myself and my goals -- both short and long term goals.

Even though I have small businesses on the side, I know they are still not stable. It won't be able to support me anytime soon, if I ever decided to quit being employed. 

Let's all get real. Even though we love our jobs, we get tired sometimes. We want to hold our own time, do things we love, and work hard for our own. But for now, I am honestly not ready to quit. I just have too much on my plate right now, and if I do quit my job, there will be more problems on my plate.

So I realized, why not add more streams of income. Start small and in a slow pace so you can learn the ins and outs of the business(es) of your choice.

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I truly enjoy my travel and tours business, even though sometimes it is nerve-wrecking to meet new people. I enjoy arranging other people's itinerary and coordinating with establishments like hotels, resorts, restaurants, and vehicle owners.

Owning a hotel or a resort is a dream of mine since I was a kid, but since I can't afford to build that dream yet, I have to start with something small. You can't reach the top if you don't start at the bottom.

Aside from my tours, I also have websites that I monetized. They don't earn much but they are a great help. I also make websites for other people. So if you need one, you can contact me and I'll show the sites I have done so far.

Anyway, here's a short list of my business ideas:

  • Events Planning - This is similar to arranging other people's trips, but this is all about events. I want to try this. I want to learn the ins and outs of this industry.
  • Advertising Agency - I have a little experience in internet marketing, and I'm really impressed of what advertising can do to one's business. I want to learn more about this too, and maybe try it one day.
  • Photography - I really like taking landscape pictures and portraits, but I don't have much knowledge about photography. It's true there are lot of photographers now. So this one is more of a hobby needed to be improved than a business idea. 
  • Bed and Breakfast Inn - Like I've mentioned above, a hotel or a resort is a dream of mine. But I can start with a bed and breakfast inn. I think this is a great idea especially there are a lot of budget travelers out there and our area has a lot of tourist destinations.
  • Grocery Store - Another dream of mine. But this is more for my family than my own. I want my father to stop working, so if I have saved enough money to start a grocery story, I'll definitely give it to my father.
  • Transportation Services - This one is also a good idea, but may not sell to the market here. I've thought about this, since i get emails inquiring if I offer transportation services only (tours not included), to pick-up guests from the airport. This would be a good possibility. I could start with a second-hand but well-maintained van/ 
I just noticed that my ideas are more into the tourism and services aspect. I guess it's natural? LOL. 

If you have any business ideas you want to share, I would definitely appreciate it. 

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