Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Have you realized how lucky you are lately? I don't only mean financially, but yes, that too. What I mean is, have you realized that you are lucky because you are healthy, you have friends that truly loves you, you have a family, you have food, you have education, and a lot of other things that other people don't have the luxury of anything? Because if not, then you are wrong. We are all lucky.

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Lately, I've seen folks that are younger than me, complaining about their life situation which made me look back of my own life and had some realizations of my own.

I can't help but question life sometimes. Admit it, you did too at some point. But then I learned, why would you look at the negative side of life? Why not change your perspective and look at life the positive way while dealing with the negative? That may sound really difficult to do, but it's possible, it just takes self-discipline and strong will.

Try to look at it this way... If you keep moaning about how hard your assignments are, will your assignments be done? No, right? So instead of moaning about it, why not try to study and answer it? Do you get what I mean?

You see, I'm the eldest among seven children. I work my butt off to be able to help my parents on supporting my siblings' education and other daily expenses at home. I didn't finish any degree and I am just a high school graduate. Like any of you, I once thought how lucky my siblings are... They get to study and I don't.

It took me years to realize that I am also lucky and blessed. Why? Because at a young age, I was able to find a job that helps me to support my family and I am blessed with a knowledge that made me able to land this job even though I am not a college graduate YET.

I admit, I am very jealous of my friends who are now professionals and working in their respective careers. But instead of being jealous, I made it as my inspiration.

It inspires me to do well with my job and make money then save so one day, I will be able to continue my studies.

This reminds me of what one of my good friends told me before; "It doesn't matter how old you are. If you really want to study, you can. No one will stop you. Because in education, there is no age limit."

If you are doubting yourself right now because you think you are unlucky, I hope you read this and hopefully this simple blog post of mine will inspire you to look at things and situations positively.

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