Monday, June 19, 2017


Looking for a nice and affordable dress with great quality for an occasion is such a tough task to do. I’m actually preparing for a ball at my boyfriend’s school and I’m his date, obviously. Man, he looks dashing with his suit and I just want to match his looks. Of course, I want to look my best for myself and for my boyfriend as well.

I’ve looked everywhere around here but I just couldn’t find the perfect dress for the occasion that would suit my partner’s attire. My last resort is to look online, because I still have a month to prepare for it and I thought that’s more than enough time.

Thank goodness I found Pickedlooks! Their dresses are just amazing, I swear!

I love their ball dresses. Everything is just so nice and elegant, and they just have the right price. Can’t find those prices around here! Isn’t that amazing?!

I found the top two dresses that I really like the most. Please help me decide which one is the best.

Fashionable A-line V-neck Tulle Floor-length with Appliques Lace Ball Dress

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I never thought I needed closure to a place that gave me (and my entire family) a lot of fears and doubts in life. I didn’t realize that until I was in that very same place, eleven years later. Prior to going there, I was already feeling a lot of things altogether. I was so close to cancelling the trip at the last minute but later on I realized that I have to do it, once and for all.

It was a business trip, but after all the affairs I needed to attend to, I went to see a friend that I haven’t seen for the last eleven years. We were still young girls when we last saw each other and now, she has a family of her own already. Before meeting her, I went to visit Nuestra SeƱora Virgen de Regla Parish Church. This church has played a big role for my family when we were still living in Lapu-Lapu City. My parents used to be street vendors, just right next to the church and I used to help them there after school, every day.

For a year and couple of months of living in that city, I saw how my parents struggled. It was tough. I can’t believe we survived that time of our lives.

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