Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Miss You

I know I’ve been idle in my blogs for a while now. Been posting one or two entries per month, and that sucks because I used to be very active in my blogs before. Imagine, I can post twice or thrice a day before. I can talk about anything under the sun. And now, once or twice a month only. Sometimes nothing at all.

It sucks being a working young adult. Too much pressure and stress that you don’t even have the time to look after your own self and do the things that makes you really happy. Aside from the pressure and stress, you get depressed and lonely too.

I guess it’s because of the stress that I can’t begin to write anything. If any, I can write depressing stuff which I refused not to post.

I turned down a couple of blog sponsorship and collaboration projects just because I don’t feel like writing anything. Now that I think of it, I feel like an idiot. I wasted too many opportunities.

I’m surprised I can even write this now.

I am in a fast food restaurant, waiting for my order.  Random time, random place.

Oh dear. Whatever happened to you? You are no longer the jolly, always smiling girl that I used to know.

I miss you.

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