Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wounds Are Slowly Healing

Now that it’s already December, last month of the year; I can’t help but reflect how different this year has been for me than the previous year. I am definitely less stressed this year, but the stress and anxiety is still there (I doubt that will ever go away). But life is so much better now, that’s for sure. Thank You, God!

Last year, I can’t even sleep properly. I had so much stuff to think about, mostly problems. I was even suicidal. I am just so grateful that this year has been better; emotionally, financially (a little), and mentally.

Here are some changes that I noticed: 
  • I can definitely sleep better now. 
  • Monthly payments are on time (especially my siblings’ tuition fees – we used to make promissory notes almost every month). 
  • Wounds are slowly healing. 
  • Bought some things I used to dream of from years ago.
  • I can travel once in a while.

Traveling is therapeutic, as well as writing.

I am thinking, what did I do to make this year better? I can’t really think of a specific thing that I did to cause these changes. But, I guess removing toxic people in your life does the trick.

No one messes up with your head, no one controls your emotion... I handle myself pretty well now and I am so thankful that I was strong enough to let go of those people.

I worked so hard this year and I gave myself a reward by traveling to Cebu and Bohol last October. I enjoyed every second of it. No regrets!

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Prospect Boy said...

I agree with you Marie in how therapeutic both writing and traveling are. I've made strides this year in the travel department, and I'm hoping to expand more with that in the next year. I'm happy to see that you are more at peace in your life. Better days are here for you, and even more are ahead for you my friend.

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