Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Summary of My 2017

Having a tragic 2016 made me not anticipate anything for 2017. But unexpected things (good ones) happened  things that I never thought would be possible. I am just so glad that I did not expected anything, and they just kind of happened.

"Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle."
- Elizabeth David

I really thought my 2017 would be dull. You know, just another year full of problems. But boy, was I glad things turned around for me.

Reunited - May 2017

This is my childhood friend, Ivy, she lives in Cebu and I live (almost) everywhere because my family moves a lot from one place to another. We were actually classmates in the fifth grade in Cebu. Year 2005, my family decided to move to another province again. We didn't have Facebook or cellphones back then, and we never thought of writing each other, so there was no communication from 2005 up to 2012.

Long story short, I found her on Facebook and we reconnected. We both have family problems so meeting up was impossible at that time. Fast forward, I was given a chance to go to Cebu to attend a meeting in behalf of my employer and I told her about it, and it was timely because her son will be celebrating his first birthday. I made sure that I will see her during my short stay in Cebu, and I did.

There was no awkward phase when we met again. Nothing has changed between us (except that she's a mother now) despite of not seeing each other for the last twelve years.

You don't have to see each other everyday for your friendship to survive. It just have to be true in your heart, that no matter what, she/he is your friend.

Dreams do come true - September 2017

Ever since I started blogging back in 2009-2010, I've always dreamed of having a good camera. I like to take pictures a lot, and I thought having a DSLR camera would be useful for my blogs and now for my job as a travel coordinator. Having nice quality photos is really important for travel agencies nowadays.

And after years of hardwork, I was finally able to get myself a DSLR camera. Canon EOS 1300D (also known in the US as the Rebel T6). I never thought it would be possible, but I am so happy and still over the moon about it.

Cebu Trip... again - September 2017

I went back to Cebu to bond with my friend, Ivy, since we didn't get to hang out the last time I was there.

Made it to Bohol! - October 2017

at the Chocolate Hills

Who would have thought? This trip to Bohol was unplanned. We were just talking about escaping our daily life for a bit and next thing we know, we booked a ticket to Bohol. Unplanned trips are the best!

Yes, I was with friends during this trip. Traveling alone is fine, but traveling with your crazy friends is so much fun!

Man-made Forest in Bilar, Bohol

Blood Compact (Sandugo) Monument

It was so much fun! I wish we can do this again. We would love to go to Siargao, Baguio, and even abroad (when we can afford it).

Divine Mercy Shrine - November 2017

Another unplanned trip. I was actually in Davao City all by myself, just trying to relax. Then I got bored and impulsively booked a ticket to Cagayan de Oro. And it happened! It was an amazing experience and I don't regret it.

I am so thankful for all the possibilities in my life, not just for the year 2017. Many things happened that I did not expect. Most of them were heartbreaking, but there were also great ones.

Here's to hoping for a fun-filled 2018! Cheers!

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